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In 2019, Numero was launched to revolutionize the world of denim. Founded by long-time esteemed colleagues, Emy and Frank, the vision for Numero sought to transform an industry through innovation, attention to detail, and authenticity. Both minds behind the operation had a strong passion for creating but brought their own unique talents to the table. With Emy’s product know-how and Frank’s sales expertise, what was a career-long aspiration, manifested into an actual project – not by chance, or fate even, but instead through diligence, dedication, and fervor.


With 30 years of fashion heritage expertise, Emy and Frank joined forces to combine their affinities and competencies to change the denim game by diversifying the market. Their goal was to create a collection that would bridge the gap of pricing and quality in the denim market by creating beautifully looking denim while simultaneously keeping the price point accessible. Their years of hands-on experience working in the industry lead to an organic partnership and seamless development of the perfect brand. For Emy and Frank, the importance of quality and precise craftsmanship resonated deeply when they began creating.

Fabric innovation is our mantra. We seek to transform the denim industry through innovation and authenticity. Numero aims to embody the elevated lifestyle of today’s consumer by using the finest denim fabrics from the best mills in the world, while still remaining accessible.

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